Dino Deadlock

You've discovered a mobile Jurassic research facility bus whilst on a tour of the Jurassic kingdom. Disaster strikes and you have just 60 minutes to escape..

Dino Deadlock has been rated as one of the highest rated Escape Rooms in the UK, based on reviews from players and bloggers on Escape The Review.
This experience is just £20/person for groups of 6 people, £22/person for 5 people, £23/person for 4 people £25/person for groups of 3 people and £30/person for groups of 2 people.

*Dino Deadlock is recommended for people aged 12+, family groups are welcome but please read our FAQ section, any under 16's must be accompanied by an adult 18+.
Players required 2-6
Duration 60 minutes
Recommended age 12+*
Scary No
Phyiscal requirements See below
Air conditioned Yes
This room requires at least 1 player to not be claustrophobic and they must be able to sit on a floor (not scary).

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